Happy Halloween!

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Well, this certainly feels like the perfect Halloween weather. Blustery, with rain and lots of leaves on the ground. We have the perfect beverage solutions to ward off this cool, wet weather.

Saturday, we'll be doing a repeat of last year for the local kiddos. From 1-3 tomorrow we'll be serving up complimentary hot chocolates for the trick-or-treaters of St. Johns. St. Johns Main Street has organized a "Trick-or-Treating" extravaganza where various St. Johns businesses will be handing out a variety of treats to young children in a safe and friendly atmosphere. It turned out to be a very popular event last year so I would suggest arriving early.

Last week I mentioned the Coffee Fest event which took place here in Portland this year. I was finally able to get down there on Sunday and saw a lot of great things, several of which we'll be offering in the coming weeks.

The first item we'll be adding is pre-packaged oatmeal from Straw Propeller Gourmet Foods located in Redmond, Oregon. I've wanted to offer some other food options for a long time and I believe these will be a great addition.

Their oatmeals and mueslis are gluten free with no additives or preservatives and are absolutely delicious. (I consider myself to be somewhat of an oatmeal aficionado since I've made and eaten it every morning for the past 100 years.)

I've tasted other pre-packaged oatmeals and like a lot of things, are typically overly sweetened and just leave a bad taste in one's mouth. Not the case with Straw Propeller's oatmeals and mueslis. We should have them in the shop beginning Tuesday or Wednesday of next week so look for them.

Another change we'll be making beginning this next week is we're going to be changing our checkout system. I realize this probably seems irrelevant to most people but what I hope to accomplish is streamline the check-out process so wait times are minimized. For those of you who participate in our "frequent flier" program, don't worry, we'll still be able to retrieve previous rewards.

A lot of you have requested we offer travel mugs so I'm in the process of selecting some that we'll be able to offer. I'll keep you posted once the details have been worked out. 

 Already in stock are a new selection of t-shirts in both  women's and men's styles as well as  the very popular  hoodies.
















Many who have been in the shop have marveled at the terrariums available from Bestow. Now you can learn to create your own. On November 12th from 6-8pm, Nyki will offer a workshop on creating one's own tropical Terrariums. Call Bestow for more information. 503.208.4395.

Painter Jeanne Levasseur, whose paintings have been on display in the shop for the past  couple months came in the other day and swapped out  everything with new work so I would encourage everyone  to come in and check it out. As with her other work, it's  stunning.

Just a few more weeks remain for The Coffee Trust, La Roya Recover project so please come  in to learn about this devastating blight and help support the coffee farmers  of Guatemala so  they can gain valuable skills in organic solutions to  mitigate this disease. 

 That's about it for this week. Please stay tuned for updated information on new products and coffees. Meanwhile, take care and keep the coffee flowing.

Mount & Crew

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Costa Rica La Amistad!

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This past Tuesday, our new shipment of coffee arrived and within it, was the new coffee from Costa Rica. It just so happened that I had the roaster fired up so I couldn't resist putting this coffee to the test.

It passed with flying colors! It's called Costa Rica La Amistad. It has a delicious syrupy mouthfeel with notes of melon and caramel, with an emerging Meyer lemon note as it cools.

Hacienda la Amistad, located in Coto Brus, a canton in the province of Puntarenas, Costa Rica, is owned and operated by Roberto Montero, a third generation coffee farmer. 

  Roberto’s grandfather first came to the area in the early      1900's as part of a team surveying the border between Costa   Rica and the newly formed country of Panama. Roberto’s    grandfather later purchased over 10,000 hectares of land and   began to cultivate coffee. Roberto’s family has returned more   than 6,000 hectares of land to the government of Costa Rica    for the preservation of La Amistad International Park, the    largest natural reserve in Central America. Only 300 hectares  of land are utilized for coffee cultivation while the remainder of  the 4,000 hectare estate is preserved forest teeming with  wildlife. Roberto’s commitment to organic farming pairs harmoniously with his commitment to his community. During the coffee harvest, Roberto provides housing and free access to medical care for the seasonal pickers because most are indigenous people from Panama who come to La Amistad with their entire families. Roberto also takes pride in his ability to provide more than 100 full-time jobs to his neighbors from Las Mellizas, not only in coffee cultivation, but also in the dried fruit operation that he runs year round at La Amistad. Roberto hosts an annual employee celebration to recognize all their hard work and he also distributes school supplies to their children each year before school starts.
On Wednesday, we had the pleasure of a visit from a high school class from Denver, CO who were visiting Portland to explore, "What makes Oregon so Green". It was a really great group of students and teachers who were interested in the fact all our coffees are organic and fair trade and that we re-purpose our burlap coffee bags and compost all our coffee grounds.
A while back, I mentioned a new customer (Lulu's Cart) who was opening a food cart on NE Alberta. Well... they're officially open for business. Here is some information to temp you. :) Lula's  located at 1477 NE Alberta St. Portland, ORServing Farm to  Cart Fare with a Southern Accent.  Currently, they are serving  brunch on the weekends:Saturday and Sunday 9AM to 3  PM And very soon, they will be launching dinner! For brunch,  they are serving house made sourdough english  muffins classic style, with house cured bacon, eggs and  cheeses as well as a selection of sandwiches with some  seasonal offerings!


Their seasonal sandwich this past weekend had house cured bacon, egg, cotija cheese, fresh lemony sorrel and a smoky ancho chile sauce. They also offer a home plate with egg, bacon, and greens over cajun shredded hash-browns along with a quiche of the day and a fruit salad of the day. They serve up French Pressed St. Johns Coffee along with a house pressed juice of the day.

Brunch is classic American fare, but made from scratch in all the right places - the english muffins, the house cured bacon, made to order juice, etc. They are farmers themselves so supporting the little guys making and growing exceptional products is what they're all about. They buy direct as much as possible from growers like Kiyokawa Orchards, Maryhill Orchards, Rossi Family Farms and Carlton Farms.When they launch dinner, expect to see house made pasta, southern style home plates, and seasonal salads and soups! This is making me incredibly hungry!!!


And we'd also like to welcome two more new customers to our roster.

Sanchez Cantina at 10075 SW Barbur Blvd., Suite 7 in southwest Portland, 97129. Serving up great Mexican fare along with our cold brewed Latin Lovers Blend!

And coming SOON!!! Tired & Pour Coffee Company. Tired & Pour will also be located on NE  Alberta and in addition to serving our coffees, they create  some amazing Italian cookies called Pizzelles.

 And just a few notes to finish up -

 Jessica is at the Laurelhurst location of WholeFoods Market  today from 11 - 2, handing out samples of our coffees. If  you're in the area, stop by and say hello.

 This next week will be Ed's last so please stop by and wish  him well on his next adventure.

 We are in the process of working toward adding some  outdoor seating so, keep  your fingers crossed.

 And finally, Saturday May 9th, is the 53rd annual St. Johns Parade and Bizarre. It's always a fun day with lots of attractions and entertainment. And, it's the day before Mother's Day so stop in and get your momma some coffee!

Many thanks for your continued support. We really appreciate it.

Keep the coffee flowing!

Mount and Crew

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Science Confirms: The More Coffee You Drink, The Longer You Will Live

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I would like to dedicate this newsletter to the memory of my father who passed away yesterday morning. I'm grateful to have been able to visit him last weekend.
While we didn't always see eye-to-eye, he was a great supporter of my endeavors and always loved reading these newsletters. It was a great connection for us since we were separated by 3000 miles. And, he loved the coffee!
This week has been eventful in other ways as well. After returning from my trip, upon my arrival at the shop,  I had the nice surprise seeing some motorcycle cops have discovered our coffee. I feel like we are now legit! :)
As you know, Valentine's Day is next week. Bestow has collaborated with Sweetheart St. Johns and Bohemian Salt in creating some special Valentine's Day packages. To see the options and place your order, go or call 503.208.4395. 

Or, come in and have Nyki put together an amazing bouquet for your "special one" or choose from the large selection of succulents and other flowers. Pre-orders are highly recommended but she'll have a great selection while they last.
Jessica is at The Alberta Street Coop today, sampling our coffees from 11 am - 2 pm. If you're in the area, please stop by, sample some coffee and pick up some organic fare.
I read an interesting article on my flight last weekend that supports the health benefits of drinking coffee. I invite you to check it out.
Planning continues for the joint show of Ted Mishima and Francoise Weeks on Friday, February 20th from 6-9pm. Many of you have noticed the posters on display in the shop. Names will be drawn and six lucky people will get to take one home with them the night of the show. Don't miss it!
Until next week, many thanks and keep the coffee flowing!
Mount and crew
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