We survived!

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Last Saturday's St. Johns Parade and bizarre really put us to the test. It was our first experience with this event since our expansion into our tasting room and I feel it went pretty well. It was an absolutely beautiful day and we went through a ton of cold-brewed coffee and iced teas. (Hibiscus tea with rosemary, pictured at right.) Another popular item proved to be the potted coffee plants. We'll have more of those the weekend of May 23rd.

I know I've said this repeatedly but, we feel so fortunate to have such a great group of customers. Last weekend took a lot out of us and several of us have been fighting off various "bugs" as a result. But it has all been made better by incredibly thoughtful people who've brought in juices and the like which are rich in vitamins and are working their magic. Thank you!

 In this age of social media domination, I was a bit taken aback  this past week when I received, yes, a postcard in the mail.  "Real" mail, delivered  by the postman. At first I thought it was some sort of  promotional postcard but then  realized it had been sent by my friend Eric who was  traveling across the Badlands  and visited the one and only, Wall Drug. Many thanks  to Eric for  this return to  humanity.

       That said...


This week we'd like to welcome Urban Airship, a new user of St. Johns  Coffee. Urban Airship, to paraphrase, is a high-tech business that enables  other businesses to optimize the push messaging process in the marketing of  their products and/or services. Anyway, we're happy to be able to provide them with the necessary fuel to power their airship.

Customers have really been enjoying our new outdoor seating and the  weather has been so cooperative, aside from a rainy day or two. In any  regard, it's nice to be able to enjoy the view of the bridge while sipping on one's favorite coffee beverage.

A friend sent me the enclosed article recently about the effects of climate change on the Arabica coffee crop. It's a very informative piece of information on what seems imminent. Trying not to be an alarmist but...

There's lots of freshly roasted organic and fair trade coffees on our shelves so please stop by and pick some up. Or enjoy a cup brewed for you here. Saturday at 1:00 pm, we'll be sampling the new coffee from Costa Rica. The Costa Rica La Amistad. Stop by and check it out. It's delicious!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend. Thanks very much for your on-going support of this passion called coffee!

Mount & Crew


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Happy Mother's Day!

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Timing has never been one of my forte`s but for once, it seems to be working out. Just in time for tomorrow's St. Johns' bizarre and parade, we received notification a couple days ago that our permit for sidewalk seating has been approved! We're "street legal"! 

 We'd like to congratulate Michael Moy, winner of our  recent photo contest. His thoughtfully composed  image shows how a simple composition can  sometimes be the most compelling. There were lots  of great submissions so keep sending them in and  another winner will be announced at the beginning of  June.

 With the weather forecast, this will be the perfect  weekend to celebrate our mothers and  christen the  outdoor seating. And to go along with the warm weather, we'll have plenty  of cold-  brewed coffee and iced teas. We have two new teas this weekend. One is an  Elderberry  tea and the other is a Hibiscus tea. Both are incredibly refreshing. And starting tomorrow,  we'll be opening on Saturdays at 7 am.

 We're bringing in additional supplies of bagels and French pastries for tomorrow. In  addition to our regular selection of pastries, we'll be adding some chocolate hazelnut  croissants, palmiers, cream cheese brownies as well as a salted caramel brownie. 

 Extra staff will be on hand to help keep things moving efficiently so one can come in, grab coffee or tea and a snack and then go stake out a viewing place for the parade which begins at noon. This is the 53rd annual St. Johns Parade and it is the quintessential piece of Americana. If you haven't had the opportunity to experience it, do yourself a favor and take advantage of the great parade-watching weather. Believe me, there have been plenty  of years when it has rained on parade day.

 Nyki from Bestow PDX has also geared up for the Mother's  Day weekend. She'll have an abundance of fresh-cut  bouquets, flowers and succulents. Her cart will also be set  up outside adding a nice splash of color to this corner of the  block. 

 It's been a big week. I returned from Florida last Sunday  evening and hit the ground running Monday morning. We've  accomplished a lot, one item being FINALLY getting the  back space of the shop organized and cleaned. It's not 100% but I feel it's close enough to warrant taking the paper off the windows of the new doors. Pretty exciting. As with everything else around here, it's a work-in-progress.

So come see us this weekend, pick up some coffee and/or flowers for Mother's Day gifts and watch the parade! A great kick-off to summer!

Many thanks and keep the coffee flowing,

Mount & Crew

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