Eclipsing the Senses!

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To commemorate the upcoming solar eclipse, we have designed a new blend that will eclipse your senses with dark, complex notes of baker's chocolate and spices. 

We're calling it our Eclipse Blend! Available for a limited time in a variety of sizes from 2 ounce sample bags to 16 ounce bags.

Available in our shop or via our web site.


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There's light at the end of the tunnel and yes, it's the sun!

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From the sounds of things, things are set to improve by Saturday, albeit a slight improvement.
We'll be closing the shop at 1 pm again today and tomorrow because of the heat so be sure to come in early and stock up on whole bean coffee, beverages and pastries or brewing supplies. 
Don't forget, any of our products can be delivered to your doorstep within minutes of placing an order via Postmates.
Indulge yourself!

The Beat (Heat) Goes On!!!

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The Beat (Heat) Goes On!!!

The heat is officially here but we are ready with tons (literally) of fresh-roasted, organic and fair trade coffees as well as an assortment of cold-brewed coffee.

Beat the heat and come in early because we will be closing at 1 pm again today, due to the excessive heat.

And if you're craving a delicious cold-brewed coffee accompanied by an amazing French pastry from St. Honorè Boulangerie or a bagel and cream cheese but just don't feel like getting out, contact POSTMATES.

Just download the POSTMATES app (POSTMATES, food delivery faster).

 Look for us and place your order for anything from cold-  brewed coffee to whole bean coffee or brewing equipment  and it will be delivered right to your door, sooner than you  can say "cold-brewed coffee".

Revised shop hours this week.

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Starting off August with a Bang!
Who knew we would be starting the month with triple-digit temperatures!
But, we still must have our coffee! Stock up on the freshest organic and fair trade coffees in our tasting room and beat the heat.
Due to the excessive heat, our tasting room will be closing early, today through Friday so please visit us by 1 pm.
Craving a cold-brewed coffee and pastry but just don't feel like leaving the comfort of your air-conditioned surroundings?
You can have your favorite beverage and food item delivered via Postmates, all from the comfort of your home or office.
You can even purchase Toddy Brewers and accessories and have them delivered via Postmates so you can make your own cold-brewed coffee at home.
It doesn't get anymore convenient than that!

New Delectables from St. Honorè Boulangerie

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Check out our new delectable offerings from St. Honorè Boulangerie.

Savory treats to keep you satisfied without the sweetness at an amazing price. Only $1.65 each

A great standalone treat or pair them with meats, cheeses or your favorite spread.


  • A roll studded with crispy bits of bacon.


  • Sweet, dried cranberries and hazelnuts mixed into Miche Banal™ dough.


  • Rolls of Campagne flavored with fennel seed and plump raisins.

Coffee Drinkers Really Do Live Longer

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I've always thought drinking coffee was a naturally healthy thing to do. Duh!

Now it's substantiated by people who really know what they're talking about.

Check out this article -


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Picture this...

You're sitting in your office, craving a cup of St. Johns Coffee Roasters' coffee but you just don't have time to get to our shop to pick it up. Or, you wake up in the morning and discover you are completely out of coffee and/or filters.

We have a solution. 

Our beverages, whole bean organic and fair trade coffees are now available via Postmates. Whether you're craving a cup of drip coffee, a mocha, latte or you discovered you're out of beans, you can now get a speedy delivery of whatever your heart desires.

One can even order Aeropresses, accessories, Toddy Brewers and accessories and other coffee filters.

Give it a try! It's oh so convenient!

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