Gourmet sample gift pack

Gourmet assortment of five different coffees. 

Each box contains a selection of five, two ounce bags of fresh roasted, organic and fair trade coffee of the following varieties:
  • St. Johns Blend - A complex blend of of four different coffees from Indonesia, Central America and Mexico, yielding a remarkably smooth and delicious full-bodied coffee. Crazy Good!!!
  • Mercer Island Express - Smooth chocolate and macadamia nut with low acidity and lingering aftertaste.
  • Won’t Get Fooled Again - Deep, rich and chocolatey with hints of cherry and blueberry. This crowd pleasing coffee is the smoothest espresso ever.
  • Flying Squirrel Decaf - Creamy and smooth. You won't believe you are drinking decaf. Water-processed.
  • Breakfast Blend - A mèlange of coffees from Central America and Indonesia, yielding subtle notes of citrus, rich chocolate and robust body.
  • Latin Lovers Blend - A blend of three Latin American coffees with notes of chocolate and cinnamon producing a velvety mouthfeel.
  • Misty Mountain Hop - A complex blend of coffees from Indonesia, Africa, Central and South America. The result is a coffee with notes of chocolate, fruit and some nuttiness with a caramel sweetness.
  • Pamplona Blend - A blend of four coffees from Africa, Central and South America and Mexico, providing notes of macadamia nut, chocolate, cinnamon with some spiciness.
  • Brazil Nossa Senhora de Fatima - This single origin coffee Brazil is so smooth and full of chocolate and macadamia nut with a subtle fruitiness.
  • Colombia FTO Tolima - Dark chocolate with notes of nuts, orange zest and finishing with a touch of anise.
  • Ethiopian Sidamo DP - This dry-processed coffee from Ethiopia is one of our most popular with a prominent blueberry note.
  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - Our lightest roasted coffee that is delicate (almost tea like) with a delicious floral note.
  • Guatemala Huehuetenango - A medium roasted coffee with notes of chocolate truffle and citrus. Like drinking a Toll House cookie.
  • Sumatra Permata Gayo - A complex, full-bodied coffee with notes of chocolate and typical earthiness.

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