Our Story

St. Johns Coffee Roasters was born from a great idea combined with a lifelong love of coffee, chance encounters with other roasters and a seemingly innocuous Craigslist advertisement for a fire engine red coffee roaster which really wanted to be ours.

We set up the roaster in the basement of a nifty old house in St. Johns*, and once the aroma of fresh roasted coffee started wafting through the neighborhood, folks followed their noses to our door for samples. Once they sampled, they wanted to buy our coffees, and we obliged.

This seems to be the appropriate place to use this cliche: “The rest is history”.

We love our little village out here on the peninsula and the support from our community for our venture and adventures has been a key to our success.

Sometimes it is that simple...


St. Johns is a beautiful neighborhood of Portland, Oregon, located in North Portland on the tip of the peninsula formed by the confluence of the Willamette River and the Columbia River.