The Worst Foods for Pesticides & What You Should Avoid - Eluxe Magazine

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By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

As the weather grows warmer, most of us will be eating more salads and fruits, which is a good thing. But did you know that some produce carries more pesticide than others?

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Here's how coffee ranks - 

9. Coffee

Oh, it’s a sad fact for us coffee lovers, but this bean is one of the most intensively sprayed crops around. Why? Normally, coffee is grows on bushes naturally in the shade, but to increase production, most large coffee makers cut down huge swaths of rainforest (hello, Nestle!) and douse the beans with chemicals to grow coffee more quickly.

But don’t worry–there are plenty of ways to get a healthy cup of morning sunshine–organic coffee is becoming more mainstream as the public demands food staples with fewer chemicals. Just be aware that FairTrade does NOT mean the brand is organic–it refers only to the price farmers are paid for their work.

If you can’t find organic, certified shade-grown coffee is the next best thing–coffee grown in more natural circumstances is less likely to be heavily sprayed, and ensures your beans are not destroying rainforests.

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Today Only!

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One day only!

Handsome, REAL.GOOD.COFFEE. diner mugs.
Usually $12.50 each

Today only - $10 each!

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What's in a name?

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We're getting down to the wire!

We can still ship your gift of coffee nationwide but only for a few more days to guarantee it will arrive by Christmas. For those who would like to ship coffee, please have your orders submitted by Monday, December 18th to assure delivery in time for Christmas.

We have a lot of options for the coffee lovers in your life. French press coffee makers, pour-over kettles, cones and filters, t-shirts, hoodies, diner mugs, travel mugs, REAL.GOOD.COFFEE. cocktail napkins, grinders as well as an assortment of gift boxes. If you just can't decide, we offer gift certificates in amounts ranging from $5.00 to $1,000,000.00. 

Our 2017 Holiday Blend is proving to be very popular. It is the perfect coffee going into The Holidays. A dark, complex blend with notes of baker's chocolate and nutmeg with a very subtle note of fruit. It pairs wonderfully for brunch or desserts.

As one would expect, we are asked a multitude of questions pertaining to coffee 

“What does this coffee taste like?” “How should this coffee be ground?” “What’s does organic and fair trade mean?”, etc.

However, the questions we are asked the most are about the names of the various coffee blends. Naming the blends has been one of the most fun parts of this business, aside from actually drinking them. :)

So here you go, a complete rundown of each of our “iconic” blends -

  • Flying Squirrel Decaf - the various coffees in this blend come from countries where Flying Squirrels are indigenous. I realize the name sounds a bit contradictory for a decaf coffee but if you’ve every tasted this coffee, you won’t believe you’re drinking decaf. Very flavorful and creamy smooth.
  • Latin Lovers Blend - this blend was designed for a wedding (my daughter’s). She and her fiancée had requested I create a blend for them and their favorite coffees were from Latin America. This blend has a prominent chocolate note with a touch of cinnamon and a velvety mouthfeel. Works equally well as an espresso or pour-over.
  • Mercer Island Express - a fellow motorcyclist friend who also happened to be a huge coffee aficionado was in the shop one day and we began experimenting with a few of the different coffees. We came upon this, loved it and I decided to name it in his honor, having been a former resident of Mercer Island. This coffee has notes of chocolate with macadamia nut. Makes an amazing pour-over!
  • Misty Mountain Hop - this was my first espresso blend. I wanted the name to reflect the energy one gets from a shot of espresso. I’ve been a longtime fan of Led Zepplin’s music and this is the name of one of their tunes that just seemed to fit. Misty Mountain Hop is a complex blend of four different coffees resulting in notes of chocolate, macadamia nut and a caramel sweetness. Works well as an espresso, pour-over or drip.
  • Pamplona Blend was again, designed as an espresso blend and I wanted the name to reflect the energy one gets from a shot of espresso. The flavor profile of the blend reminded me of Spain so I named if after the annual Running of the Bulls event. Pamplona Blend has notes of cherry, chocolate, a bit of nuttiness and a touch of fruit. An amazing espresso as well as pour-over and drip coffee.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these stories and I hope you will enjoy these coffees. I’m very proud of each of them.

And did I mention, one of the largest selections of fresh roasted organic and fair trade coffees available, anywhere?

Our shop will be open until 3 pm Christmas Eve, closed Christmas Day and open from 8 am - 3 pm New Years Day.

As always, thank you for your on-going support.

"Keep the coffee flowing!"

Mount & Crew


Cyber Monday

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Cozy, fleece-linded hoodies

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A perfect morning to get cozy with a cup of REAL.GOOD.COFFEE., your favorite book and a St. Johns Coffee Roasters fleece-lined hoodie!

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We ship nationwide!

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It's that time of year again and there's no better gift than fresh roasted,
organic and fair trade coffees!

Get your buzz on!

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Picture this... it's a dark cool and rainy afternoon and you are vacillating between coffee and/or a cocktail but just can't decide.

We have THE perfect solution! A Coffee Nudge made with Flying Squirrel Decaf, 1/2 jigger: brandy, creme de cacao, kahlua and Bailey's Irish Cream, topped with whipping cream and a dash of nutmeg!!!! Righteous!!!

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